Lawn Care, Decorating Your Yard with Rocks


There are rocks in most yards. Nonetheless, some of them have many rocks. The number of rocks in your yard depend on where you live. Rocks can help you improve your home’s aesthetics. Hence, you have to understand how to make use of them as decorative items. You can make rock fences, lawn ornaments, planter shelves and rock gardens out of big rocks.

It’s recommendable to be creative when using rocks to enhance your yard’s appearance. Use your lawn’s existing landscape to make a functional lawn. If you have large rocks that you can’t move, you can plant shrubs, vines and flowers around them. Medium rocks can help you resolve your drainage problems. You can use the rocks to create a French drain.

Rocks are great solutions to erosion. They lessen erosion, which can damage the plants in your yard. Erect big boulders in sloppy areas, without enough ground cover. Preventing erosion will benefit the plants because the soil will be rich in nutrients. Additionally, the rocks will hold some water in your yard.

Small rocks hold the same level of importance as large rocks. It’s difficult to plant flowers and grass in a rocky yard because the rocks inhibit the penetration of roots. This makes it difficult for plants to access water as well as nutrients. Here are a number of tips to enable you to plant in rocky soil.

It’s imperative that you till this kind of soil first before planting in it. Get rid of as many big rocks as you can. This might be a tough task, but it will be worth the effort. Remove weeds and add landscape fabric and mulch to the yard. Since rocky soil tends to be dry, you should consider watering the area. Add fertilizer to the soil to replace the lost nutrients. Pick plants with smaller roots and a vine-like nature. Such plants grow faster and last longer. Some vine plants you could plant in your garden are English ivy, dogwood, trumpet flower, morning glory and passion flower. Know more at this website!

You can purchase the seeds of these plants and nurture them in a nursery bed. You can get the actual plants if you want to plant them immediately. Planting seedling is easy. If your yard has mulch, make a small hole on the mulch and plant your seedlings. Vine plants require less care and maintenance. What’s more, they produce flowers during most seasons. You should use the same soil preparation procedures if you want to plant trees. Trees that are good for rock soil are evergreens, juniper, pine and spruce.

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about the rocks in your yard. They will make your home look natural. Additionally, the rocks will solve your drainage and landscaping issues. Check this website for more info!